katie schmid




“I have never met Katie Schmid, but I know she bleeds from her fingers.”
– Petur HK at The Review Review


6 Comments to “home”

  1. Hi! If this is the same Katie Schmid who wrote “The Horse in the Field” that was published in Sixth Finch, just wanted to say I really liked it. If it isn’t the same Katie Schmid, you should read it too. 🙂

  2. Mrs. Z says:

    Great work on “RADIANT WITH TERROR: LOWELL AND THE UNCERTAIN COUNTRY OF LOVE” via The Rumpus. A wonderful piece!

  3. I am knocked out by your poems in “32 Poems” and want to thank you for them. Beautiful, important work. WCW: Only the imagination is real! / I have declared it / time without end.

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