eat the dream, University of New Mexico Press, forthcoming Fall 2021


forget me/hit me/let me drink great quantities of clear, evil liquor, Split Lip Press (out of print)


“Caldera,” in Anti-Heroin Chic, February 2020.


“The Part of You That Is Outside of You,” published at 32 Poems.

“Why Would Anyone Ever Want to Be a Wife?” published at The Establishment

“Radiant with Terror: Lowell and the Uncertain Country of Love” published at The Rumpus

“The Person Most Powerful: On Teaching and Embodiment” published at Writing on the Edge, Spring 2016

“The Last Book I Loved: Maggie Nelson’s Bluetspublished at The Rumpus, June 2014


“Portrait of Womb, Mixed Media” in Booth X

“The Company Raises the Director One Last Time” in Blue Lyra Press‘s forthcoming anthology on theatre

“Jobs” in Best New Poets 2009.


“False Starts” and “God-machine” forthcoming in Under a Warm Green Linden, June 2020.

“A Nightmare is a Body and Your Father Gone,” at Third Point Press, Issue 16

“At the Bus Stop” in Redivider 17.1, December 2019.

“At their first meeting, my boyfriend asks my father ‘what prison was like,’” in
The Southeast Review online, Fall 2019.

“The Mary Jar” in Hayden’s Ferry Review “Magic” issue, August 2019 (print).

“My Death” in Atticus Review, April 2019.

“Death” and “The Boatman” in the Winter 2018 issue of 32 Poems.

“Location” won a 2018 Wilbur Gaffney Poetry Prize/Academy of American Poets University & College Poetry Prize for University of Nebraska, Lincoln

“Apple Glory” was a finalist in The American Literary Review‘s annual contest, Spring 2018

“After the Hospital” published in decomP magazine, Jan/Feb 2018

“Polaroid” and “Loving an Addict” published in issue 4 of Under a Warm Green Linden

“Margot as a Unit of Space,” “All my Boyfriends Love my Father the Best” and “How they Die” published in Issue 5 of The Spectacle

“The Past,” “The Bird,” and “Margot in the Country of Sleep” in issue 11 of The Mondegreen

“Where I was Born” published in the July 2017 issue of The Wanderer 

“Turning 32,” “Zombie Father,” and “Writing to my Father in Prison” in the Spring 2017 issue of Southern Indiana Review (print)

“All the Other Sad Fuckers” and “What it’s Like to Touch the Girl You’ve Been Longing to Touch” published in The Pinch Literary Journal, 37.1 (print)

GIRLBODY” published in Big Lucks 12, August 2016

“The Horse in the Field” published in Sixth Finch, Spring 2016

“The Spouse” and “Portrait of Womb, Mixed Media” published in Booth, April 2016

“The Glories” published in Red Paint Hill Poetry Journal, Issue 7, Summer 2015

“Sugar Machine” published in Sycamore Review, Spring 2015

“Dear X” and “X at dusk, with trees” published in Issue 5 of Sundog Lit, February 2014

“4th of July,” Nowhere,” and “Why They are Hungry” published with audio in July 2013 at Hobart

“Nowhere” published in Issue 4 of MOJO, May 2013 (print)

Series of poems “The Boys of the Midwest 1-5” published with audio in April 2013 (8.04) issue of [PANK] Magazine

“In the Gothic Love Story Where You Have Died” and “The Good Knife” published November 2012 at Hobart

Daughter Psalms” published in Quarterly West Spring 2012 (Issue 74) as an AWP Intro Journals Award winner for 2011

Bird/Heart” featured on The Missouri Review Audio Blog as first runner up in the 2011 Audio Competition

“Penelope Eulogizes Her Girls,” and “Someone Eats Bitter” published in EVENT Magazine 40.2, 2011

A Record of What Happened When You Died,”
Sundown at the Coal Refinery,”
Swimming in the Reservoir,”
Walking West Lake” published in Hot Metal Bridge, Fall 2010

“Jobs” published in Meridian’s Best New Poets 2009


Swimming in the Reservoir



“‘Con Mis Propias Manos’: Violence & Masculinity in Ángel García’s Teeth Never Sleep at Connotation Press, May 2019

The Kingdom and Cage of the Self: a review of Theresa Senato Edwards’ Voices Through Skin,” Boxcar Poetry Review


Finalist in Sundress Publication’s Open Reading period, 2019
Finalist for the Akron Poetry Prize, 2019
Finalist for Press 53’s award for poetry, 2019
Winner of Southern Indiana Review’s Patricia Aarkhus award for poem “Turning 32
Finalist in Autumn House Press’s Rising Writer contest for poetry manuscript “Fanatic Animal”
Semifinalist in the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry for poetry manuscript “The Hunt”
Winner of Split Lip Press’ Turnbuckle Chapbook Prize, 2014
Past winner of the Santa Fe Writer’s Project Poetry Awards, 2011, for unpublished manuscript “Heaven
& the Hangover,”  judge Rose Solari
First Runner Up in the 2011 Missouri Review Audio Competition for “Bird/Heart”
AWP Intro Journals award winner, 2011
Outstanding Master’s Thesis Awardee, 2011, University of Wyoming


“…it is fitting that many of the characters in this issue are children yet the narrators decidedly adult. Katie Schmid’s narrator in ‘The Boys of the Midwest 1 Through 5’, for instance, is sly about it, skulking foxily behind reedy sentences such as, “On weekends after church they disappear into uncultivated strips of prairie to tend their silent wounds. To inflict still more wounds upon each other”, and the narrator disappears with them, waiting till the last paragraph (or chapter, really) for one of those rare final revelations worth waiting for.

I have never met Katie Schmid, but I know she bleeds from her fingers.”

Messy, Heartbreaking, Beautiful: Just Like Family–A review of PANK, Spring 2013” by Petur HK at The Review Review

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